Safety Leadership Central

Support Center for the Advancement of Safety Cultures
For the last 25 years, I have worked with organizations to advance safety cultures and continue improving the ability of people to prevent incidents. 

My experiences have lead me to wholeheartedly believe that people and entire companies can actaully transform, and do so sustainably.  I believe this because I have witnessed real change in people, company culture, and bottom-line results. 

When I hear or see a safety slogan such as, "Zero is Our Goal", I do not doubt it is possible.  However, I also know the challenges associated with achieving such a vision, especially those related to the human element.  As humans we are naturally unsafe.  We get in a hurry, take shortcuts, fail to communicate, lose motivation, and often do not feel like cooperating with others.   

Safety Leadership by anyone and everyone is essentially the key to advancing the culture of a business.  Being a leader in safety is not dicated by title or experience in an industry.  Safety Leadership is simply "influencing the behavior of others towards the prevention of incidents".  

Growing the culture of a company, means growing every individual in the company or, empowering people to act as Safety Leaders.  For it is the collective values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that define a culture.  Cultural change requires discipline, humility, unrelenting committment, and perserverance.  Most of all, it requires a concerted Safety Leadership effort by as many people as possible.  

The purpose for the creation of SAFETY LEADERSHIP CENTRAL, is to provide anyone who wishes to help improve their workplace safety culture, with support, guidance, and inspiration.  

Here, everyone is welcome, no matter their occupation, industry, or experience level. 

Behavioral change is NOT easy, especially for adults, and one cannot receive enough support and guidance.  Safety Leadership Central will be a key source for valuable support and guidance.  

Thank you for checking us out and welcome aboard!